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Eine Weile lang habe ich auch Sachtexte geschrieben. Inzwischen bin ich weitgehend davon abgekommen. 

Hier kann man ein paar noch nachlesen. Einige Texte darunter sind auf Englisch verfasst. Sie sind unter meinem bürgerlichen Namen auffindbar.

Sachtexte schreibe ich übrigens nicht als Auftragsarbeiten (auch keine wissenschaftlichen Hausarbeiten) - Anfragen dazu kann man sich und mir gerne ersparen ...


Are you gay, lesbian, or heterosexual? Are you a trans-, a-, bi-, non-sexual being? Or are you insecure of who you are? Are you a scholar, reviewing the latest publications? Really, it does not matter very much. 

You are the potential reader of this book, and if you decide to go on reading, I promise you will read things that may prove of significance to you. Because you are human. You are a human being who can, potentially, fall in love, aren’t you? If you are, this book concerns you.

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Hanna Kubowitz


The Default Reader and a Model of Queer Reading and Writing Strategies

or: Obituary for the Implied Reader

This article argues for a re-conceptualization of Wolfgang Iser's "implied reader." To this end, the notion of the "default reader" is introduced as a theoretical tool for (queer) textual analysis. Like the implied reader, the default reader is the reader role called for by a text's response-inviting textual structures; 

yet, in contrast to the implied reader, the default reader incorporates the idea that texts usually expect the reader to comply with certain standard parameters, or default settings. One such default setting is for the reader's sexual orientation to be "heterosexual."

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